Major Exploration

With so many majors available, where do you start?

These resources will assist you in learning more about majors and careers to gain a better understanding of the daily tasks and activities, typical salary, the work environment, and more.


In order to help you decide what is most important to you, discover which career fields you may excel in, determine other questions you need to consider, or to explore future career options, please talk to your school counselor.

Whether you want to pursue a degree in higher education first, or simply jump-in to the workforce, there are a few aspects about planning for a future career that you will need to know.

  • What type of position you want and the focus area

  • What type of people you want to work with

  • Whether you want to work at a desk or "in the field"

  • Location of the job and how far it is away from family

  • Whether or not affordable living options are available

  • Qualifications and requirements

  • Application documents (Resume, Cover Letter, etc.)

  • Interviewing

  • Following-up after the interview

  • What you will do if you aren't hired

  • Receiving a job offer

  • Which questions to ask about the position offer Accepting vs. declining a position

  • Beginning a new position

Major and Career Inventories

"I don't know what to major in or what career I want..."

Helps determine your Top 5 potential majors based off of your interests, previous coursework, and working habits.

Career Indicator based off of Interests, Skills, and Knowledge.

Visual Career Interest Test

This will help you determine potential careers based off of your values, likes, interests, and favorite subjects.

career exploration

"I don't know what types of careers are out there..."

This is a guide to career information about hundreds of occupations! Includes information about the work environment, how to become one, and more.

Learn more about day-to-day activities, skills, technology, and more.

Browse occupations by category or keyword and view a description, salary, skills, education, and more for careers.

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