What is ScOIR?

SCOIR is the new one-stop online system that provides students with college and career planning tools to use during their time at HTHNC.

We will go over the tools that SCOIR has to offer.


SCOIR At a Glance

  • Personalized Student Profile

      • This section shows your personal bio, activities and achievement, and gpa/test scores. This creates your resume and information provided will be used for your teachers to write your letter of recommendation.

  • Scattergram

      • This tool provides a view of college application outcomes (accepted, denied, waitlisted) at a specific college, using the GPA and SAT/ACT scores for HTHNC students. *It does not provide data on students from other high schools, only HTHNC.

  • YouScience Aptitude Test

      • YouScience is the assessment tool that generates a report of your skills and interests and links them to potential majors and career field to your SCOIR profile.

  • College Visits / Events

      • This is how you sign up to attend college visits at HTHNC!

  • College Search Tools

      • "My Colleges" tab directs you to SCOIR's college search tool where you can enter various colleges that you are interested or find colleges that are a good fit for you.

  • Virtual Visits

      • Students have the opportunity to virtually visit different universities.

for parents / Guardians

Parents can be connected to SCOIR through their student's accounts. Students can invite parents to SCOIR through a feature in the student's profile. For more information on how parents can use SCOIR, check out this link.